Pastor Update 

Pastor's Update
October 13th, 2017

Lightning Strikes Open Bible



For the past few years, we observed a crack in our ceiling above the altar near where our descending screen used to come down.  We thought at first that it might be a pressure crack.  But after our recent Hurricane Irma, water marks were observed coming out of the crack as well as down the gold covering behind our altar.  We knew that we had water damage.  Roofers were called in. They were baffled. The roof itself looked fine.  But then, we had the exterior of our church painted.  The painters used a lift machine which allowed them to paint at great heights.  While they were painting the top of our belltower, a hole was noticed.  It appeared lightning had struck our belltower and made a hole.  The painters took a picture of it. They then filled in the hole and painted over it. So we have finally found the source of our leak.   (Picture taken from top of belltower) 
However, we will still need to fix the crack above the altar, and see what other damage was done inside and above it.  We are hopeful that the fix will only be a few thousand dollars rather than a more sizeable amount.  


Golf Cart Movie Night

Fred Hainen is at work with Roger Otto installing our outdoor screen on the back side of our church.  A new projector has been purchased.  Last year, we purchased a used sound system, that will give us better sound than we had at our first golf cart movie night.
Live Oaks Community Church liked our idea last year.  And so Live Oaks  on CR103 has placed two large poles in the ground in their parking lot, and have built an outdoor stage.  Live Oaks plans to have outdoor worship services and movie nights.  They will call their new outdoor theater, Megatron.
Live Oaks is attempting to draw people to their church by golf cart worship services and movie nights.  Their access to the golf cart trails is through the Walmart parking lot. We do have one advantage with our movie nights.  We have better access for golf carts.  Thus, Villagers and others will apparently have two options for golf cart movie nights. The picture above is our old screen from last year.  We have a larger screen and better location for the new one.  Go Open Bible!

Outreach When You Least Expect It


Mike Villemure was up at the hospital visiting Skip Owens on Wednesday. When he was in the elevator, a family noticed his prayer book and asked if he was a pastor.  Mike said "No", but I am a chaplain."  The people said, "Well that's good enough." They asked Mike if they could talk to him about their loved one who was in intensive care. They talked for a time and then asked Mike to come and visit their loved one on the 4th floor. Mike met with the man who was in pain and looked to be full of anxiety. He shared some passages with the man, and explained what Christ had done for him.  He shared the salvation plan.   The man expressed that it was too late for him.  Mike, reassured him, that it is not too late while you are still alive.  The man asked if Mike would come back tomorrow to visit him again.  Mike assured him he would be back.  The lesson of this story is that the Lord puts situations in front of us where we can share the reason of the hope we have in Jesus.  Go Mike!  Go Open Bible.

Luther Prints & Castle Church


Mary Burel’s sister Susan, who is a WELS member living in Switzerland, has produced two beautiful reformation prints in celebration of the 500 years since the Lutheran Reformation.  She is an artist. If you are interested in one of these prints please contact Pastor Schulz or Mary Burel. Your freewill donation for the print will be given to a missionary in Sri Lanka.  These two prints will soon be hung in our Welcome Center.   


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This week: Learn how we can carry out the will of our heavenly Father. It is not with empty words, but with repentant actions.   
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For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. ~ John 3:16