Pastor Update 

Pastor's Update
August 17th, 2018 
Our  Mornings With Mommy Team had a planning meeting on Wednesday at 10:00 A.M.  One of the parents, Casey Schuepbach, plans to help out with the program.  She and her husband John have no church home at present, and will be bringing Zoey to Mornings with Mommy.  What a great way to have parents get to know us better by including them as helpers.  Pictured here with Casey (she has the fist under her chin) and our Open Bible members Diane Olsen, Jane Valley, and Paula Malec.
True Tales of the Everglade Evangelist  

Tuesday afternoon I drove over to pick up Duane Anderson at Carriage House.  I had asked Duane to help me put up yard signs promoting our  Mornings with Mommy get togethers.  We had 7 signs left from last year.  Originally, we had 10, but 3 were pulled out and destroyed last year.  Anyway, we put up a sign (on a farmer's property) at the back entrance of Oxford Oaks, which is a Villages family community on Hwy. 301. We put up two signs by the grade school in Lady Lake, (got permission from construction company) one by Parkwood subdivision, two on 466 on vacant land (not Village property), and one by Pepperidge Farm apartments.   What is interesting is that I asked Casey, who is a Mornings with Mommy Mom, if she saw our sign over at Pepperidge Farm Apartments.  She and her husband John live there.  She said, "No Pastor, but I saw the one over by Parkwood, where my mom and dad live.  And Pastor, you put it in a good spot."  Go Open Bible!  

All my ministry I have dealt with newcomers to the faith.  There is nothing more exilarating than being able to teach someone, the basic teachings of God's Word, who has never really been in the Bible their entire life.  In my 36 years of ministry, I have never had the opportunity to witness and share God's Word with a Jewish person and see that the Jewish person firmly believes in Christ as their Savior.   But the Lord is doing unbelievable miracles at Open Bible.  In early September, we will officially receive into membership a second and third Jewish congregant. I have always been saddened that more Jewish people do not believe in Jesus as the Messiah.  But I have been given the privilege to know and love 3 at Open Bible.  

Open Bible will welcome into membership in early September, 17new full-time members.  Our membership stands at 195 communicants and 200 baptized.  

New Members to welcome soon:

Nancy Bell, Stan Cobb, Alex Gourley, Ilene Gourley, Bo Hughes, Gary Hughes, William Kilinski, Carol Kerkof, Stephen (Skip) Kerkof, Diane Olsen, Peter Olsen, Mary Peterson, Richard Tess, Sharon Tess, Pauline Zeiger, Doris Zuessman, and Eric Zuessman.


Church Council Snapshots    

The Church Council is considering the purchase of a lift device that could be used to change lightbulbs, wash windows, help to set up the outdoor screen, and to fix the water leak that we have at the front of our church.  As some of you know, we were hit by lightning a few years ago on our belltower.  This caused a crack on the belltower where water leaked down into the sanctuary area.  We found the source of the leak when the outside of our church was painted last year.  The painters sealed the crack.  However, the wet area needs to be ripped out,  and the drywall needs to be redone.  Our trustees have attempted to find a contractor to fix the front area of the church.  However, all the contractors are so busy, they just don't seem to have time for us.  The suggestion was made that  Roger Otto, a member of Open Bible could do the fixup work, if we had a lift bucket.  We really could use a lift bucket to wash windows, change light bulbs safely, wash windows in the fellowship hall, and move the outdoor screen around.  Huns will be looking into prices on a good used lift device.  

The Council  is putting together a list of memorial suggestions, should people want to give a special gift toward the work of our congregation.

Huns is checking out if the State of Florida will allow us to cut down 3 trees near the Willows and Woodridge, and two trees on either side of our front entrance that will block the church view in 10 years.  Those oaks get very big and wide.

We have 26 small groups at Open Bible.  Check out our new flyer on the Friendship Table, and watch for your September newsletter with all the great Fall Bible study opportunities.  

I need someone who can help me set up a Live-Stream of our worship services.  We have a new camera in the sanctuary, that can do an awesome job of filming our service.   We need to set it up with a laptop computer software program, and then upload to a YouTube account.  Let me know if anyone who is techy can help us do this.

Jim Orcutt, our vice-president, will be putting together a survey to see how much interest there is in a memorial garden with the ability to have your ashes placed in an Open Bible Ossuary.  Cost would be $1200 for two urns placed into it, and $140.00 for engraving.

Very Cloudy Day :-)
Interesting Information From Every Member Visits!
I have made 28 visits thus far, with a goal to visit 40 family units before the end of August.  It is a real joy to reconnect with everyone on a 30 minute home visit.  Here are some interesting items that were not confidential that were shared this week.
Sandy Newman: Sandy is recovering from knee surgery. Her daughter, Jennifer, from California has been visiting.  Sandy said she is looking forward to the Tuesday Women's Bible study at Open Bible.  She told me how a famous bowler, Walter Ray Williams lives in Oxford Oaks, near our church.  
Stan and Henrietta Cobb: Henrietta is the bionic woman of Open Bible. She has two artificial knees, two hips and one shoulder.  Stan told me, "She is not the woman I married!"  Stan said that he was blessed with one child from his first marriage and one from his second marriage.  Both were from the same woman, and born on September 6th.  He and Henrietta were divorced for 3 years, but now have been officially together for 54 years.  Congrats Stan and Henrietta!
Joe Price: Joe really misses his wife Mary.  She was a school teacher and Braille translator.  In fact, Mary translated our Meditations devotional booklets into braille for years at no cost, except for paper and supplies.  Joe enjoys walking his son's 8 year old Alaskan husky, Marvin.  

David Roessler: David is 87 but not slowing down.  He is out dancing 3 nights a week and enjoys his dating life.  He is looking forward to joining SPLASH (Single People Loving and Serving Him).  Dave's slogan is, "Motion is Lotion".  
BJ Collins: BJ loves her two dogs.  She never had any children in her life.  Her dogs are her kids. Jeadan is critically ill at this point and only has a short time to live.  Be sure and give BJ some encouragement.  I know how much I love my dog Brodie.  BJ  is an expert at pet training and will be leading a class on October 8th at Water Oak.  BJ stated that we all need to look around on a Sunday, from our set group of friends, and greet the person who may be standing alone in the Welcome Center or sitting alone at a table in the fellowship hall.  A good reminder for all of us. 
Bill and Victoria McCabe:  Bill and Victoria would like to see a prayer group at Open Bible, where we all pray at a certain time of the day for unity and harmony in our country.  They would also like to see a second service at Open Bible on a Saturday at 5:00 P.M.  


Pastor Schulz  

P.S.  This was written late in a very long, but happy day. If there are grammatical errors, please forgive me :-)
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