Pastor Update 

Pastor's Update   
June 15th, 2018
Who are these Open Bible Members?
His birthday is June 13th
Their Anniversary is on June 15th -- celebrating 60 years  
of marriage

Father's Day is on June 17th
A Triple Crown of Celebrations
This man has a sense of humor and enjoys exercising his Second Amendment rights.  He reads his Bible every day with his wife.  His wife used to sing in the choir.  His daughter says he was a 
member of the Rat Pack.
(For answer, please call Karen at Church office) 
New Clock in the Fellowship Hall
Great News From Hanoi, Vietnam
At the District convention, we were informed of a new outreach effort to Vietnam.  A few years ago, a leader within the Hmong Fellowship Church (HFC) in Vietnam viewed an online sermon by Rev. Bounkeo Lor. The message of pure grace through Jesus Christ was something he had never heard before – and he wanted to learn more. He invited Rev. Lor to come to Vietnam to train himself and others in the truth of the gospel, and the Lord has allowed this opportunity to blossom since.
The HFC was a church body of 65,000 members when their leader first reached out to WELS. In the years WELS has provided training, the HFC has grown from 65,000 to 100,000 members and formed 53 new churches. Rev. Lor has been called to serve as Hmong Asia Ministry Coordinator, and the Pastoral Studies Institute (PSI) and Multi-Language Publications teams have been brought in to offer support and additional resources for this expanding ministry.  

Not only is this church body growing, but the communist Vietnamese government has also noticed a positive change. The HFC has a strong history of legalism, which had caused conflict as to which rules are God-pleasing and which are not. The message of free grace received from Jesus Christ has replaced their old law-based preaching and leadership styles, and church leadership has stabilized the communities as a result.

HFC leaders take photos of illustrated Bible stories to take back to their congregations

The gospel can work even in the most difficult of circumstances, and sometimes in ways we cannot expect. The Lord has blessed this outreach, and the Vietnamese government has invited WELS to build a theological training facility in the capital city of Hanoi. WELS is currently the only protestant church with official governmental permission to work with the Hmong in Vietnam.  The government has said that this religion has brought peace to the land.  As long as the WELS does not promote teachings where the people rise up against the government, they will be allowed to continue working.  
Presently, our church body is attempting to raise $500,000 to build this training center and coordinate with our Pastoral Studies Institute team to set up a curriculum and find visiting professors to send to Vietnam.    

Open Bible sends $32,400 a year from our offerings as part of our Church Mission offerings. CMO.  Part of that money is used by our Synod to fund World Mission work.  If anyone wants to give an additional special gift toward Vietnam outreach, please let Pastor Schulz know.  

Worship Services on 103.5 FM Thriving
Ed Cromer, our programmer for radio broadcasts, has been raving about the quality and content of the messages that are being broadcast from 11:05-11:30 A.M. on Sunday mornings.  If you have unchurched friends, who are a bit uneasy about joining us for worship on a Sunday, why not ask them to tune us in on the radio.  This Sunday our radio broadcast will be a special Father's Day message entitled: "The Perfect Father We All Have!"   If you decide to come and worship at Open Bible on June 17th at 9:30 A.M., the message will be: "Living Life In A Tent."  Two very different messages, but applicable to our world today.  
Open Bible has always been a congregation that is reaching out with Jesus to the world.  From our early beginnings at the Town Square in Spanish Springs, to occupying a lovely worship facility on Bellwether Lane, Open Bible looks for ways to touch lives with Jesus. 
Currently we are trying to reach souls around us in the Independent Living Homes.  Most of the residents of these facilities will never actively worship at Open Bible, serve in ministry at Open Bible, or give monetary gifts to further kingdom work at Open Bible.  But that is just fine, because our calling is to be witnesses for Jesus so that more people will be in heaven with us one day.  God has blessed us with a very loving and caring congregation, where we all have a close connection with each other.   Go Open Bible!
What Are Guests Saying About Open Bible:
Bob and Carol have been worshipping at Open Bible the past several weeks.  They have stated they used to attend the Roman Catholic Church.  But  the Catholic church is just too big and impersonable.  Traffic jams and no one knowing who you are. Bob and Carol like Open Bible because of the smallness, welcoming spirit of the membership, and solid messages from God's Word.  Let's pray that they decide to join our congregational family.  

I returned home from the South Atlantic District Conference on was nice to meet and talk to "the brothers" and others!  

God's Blessings always.  

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. ~ John 3:16