Pastor Update 

Pastor Update  
April 13th, 2018  
Open Bible Radio Ministry 
720 AM or 103.5 FM   at 
11:05 -11:30 A.M.  Sundays

On April 15th, our message will focus in on the doubts that sometimes enter our minds. You will be given direction on how to deal with those doubts.  The theme will be: "Don't Let Your Doubts Deceive You."  If you are out of our area, you can listen to the broadcast anywhere in the world, by going to the radio website.  

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   Wednesday In The Word  

5:00 P.M. At Church  

Join us for our second session on April 18th of "The Odyssey of St.Paul". Aside from Jesus himself; no one has had a greater influence on the founding of Christianity than Paul of Tarsus. Dr. Paul Maier, professor of history at Western Michigan University provides us with the video segment of each study, as he takes us to the actual places where Paul did his ministry and fills us in on many details from the book of Acts that we might have never known before.  Once the video segment is presented, lively discussion questions, and Scripture readings fill the hour study.  Join us!  
April 18th: The New Saul 
April 25th: The First Missionary Journey  
   Travels of Pastor   

Over the years our Synod has conducted workshops and refreshers for pastors who have been in the ministry for a number of years.  Through the Pastor Partner initiative, Grow in Grace hosts the celebration of ministry retreats.  The retreats are designed to celebrate with Pastors and wives who are approaching a key ministry milestone.  The 2018 retreats are taking place in San Antonio, Texas from Wednesday April 18th-Friday April 20th.  Pastor Schulz and Jeanne will be attending the retreat next week.  Pastor Schulz has never attended any retreat before, but was asked to join the last group since he has served in the ministry for 36 years.  Many thanks to Open Bible congregation for providing the airline tickets for Jeanne and Pastor to attend.  4 different groups of pastors will be participating.
Begin in Grace = 3 Years  
Renewed in Grace =10 years  

Excel in Grace = 25 years  

Finish in Grace = 35 years  
Christian Estate Planning  

led by WELS Christian Giving Counselor, Mark Arnold
On Saturday, April 21st, from 4:00-5:15 P.M. Mark Arnold will assist members in their Christian Estate Planning. You will be guided through questions like:  

1) When was the last time you reviewed your will  

2) Does your will include a Christian preamble?  

3) Are your life insurance and retirement account beneficiary designations consistent with your will and living trust?  

4) Has your personal representative moved out of the state?  

5) Have you considered an income for life agreement with the WELS foundation,Inc.?  

6) Have the needs of your beneficiary changed?  

7) Do you have a durable power of attorney and a living will?  

8) How will your family deal with these issues?  

9) Where do you begin? How much time will it take? How much will it cost?  

You will also have an opportunity to schedule a private consultation with Mark Arnold to have your questions answered.  This service is offered at no cost by our Synod.
Landscaping Committee
Bringing Recommendations to Church Council
The Landscaping committee is happy to report that the new palms near the front entrance are alive and well. Recently, the dead branches were cut out by the landscaper so that new growth could begin.
The Landscaping committee will be bringing bids to the Council for some sod, and irrigation where the construction occurred.  Ideas will also be submitted for a Memory garden, and some flowers like knock-out roses. 
It appears to the committee that a golf cart roadway to Steeplechase is really not needed, since we already have church services there every Sunday, and most Steeplechase residents do not even own a golf cart. Perhaps our anonymous donor might consider another area for a special gift.   
 Tragedy in Leesburg
Wednesday morning, Heidi and Shane Adams, Pastor Paul Lemke's daughter and son-in-law, tragically lost their 3 year old son, Eli, after he accidentally drowned in their pool.  "Please pray that the Lord would give them strength to endure the pain they are feeling right now and to continue to put their trust in their Savior, Jesus Christ. 
While there are no answers to the question of "why" that completely satisfy our human reason, we put our trust in God whose thoughts are infinitely higher than our own and whose love for us is so great that it cannot be measured".(words  by Pastor Chris Rathje)  

Funeral at St. Mark's in Leesburg 
Saturday, April 14th at 11:00 A.M.  

28215 US-27, Leesburg, Florida, 34748  

Shane and Heidi are members there.  

Pastor David Rosenau will conduct the service. 
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For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. ~ John 3:16