Pastor Update 

Pastor Update - February 8th, 2019
A Pastor On Cloud 9
Last Sunday outreach blessings overwhelmed me.  The man above on the left is Dave.  He came to Open Bible for the first time, because he said he heard our radio broadcast on Sundays, and liked it.  He wanted to find out more about Lutheran doctrine.  He returned on Tuesday and is joining 5 others taking our New Life in Christ Class.
The man on the right above is Doug Martin, a grade school classmate of mine from Saginaw, Michigan.  He is here with his wife Kathy for 2 months, and is thinking of buying a home in the Villages.  

It gets better.  Jennifer Mercer, Aiden, and Olivia, along  with Jennifer's parents, David and Rosemary Gerisch, worshipped with us last Sunday.  Jennifer attends Mornings With Mommy, with Aiden and sometimes Olivia.  

There is more. Several months ago, I attended a party at the home of Leroy and Jane Valley.  I met a couple named Kirk and Linda House.  Kirk told me in conversation he had wandered from church to church over the years and had no church home. Kirk is in his early 50's.  I told him that I was a bit sad that in the Lutheran church our membership was declining and that I wish I had musicians who could play the guitar and other instruments the modern generation listens too.  He told me, "Pastor, you don't need a band.  I don't like the smoke and mirrors and entertainment the praise bands promote.  All you need is a guitarist who can sing, and assist in some songs in worship that are more modern, and a good message."  

Well, last Sunday at Open Bible, in our 9:30 A.M. worship service, we had a guitar service.  I texted Kirk on Friday, to tell him, we had the service he had recommended to me.  I thought, he would politely decline because of other commitments.  Well guess what, Kirk House came and worshipped at Open Bible.
Here is his comment on a text message:  

"I enjoyed your sermon and worship - keep up the good work. I pray for Church leaders as I know you guys have a tough responsibility and many times seems to be thankless - but Jesus will one day say, 'Well, done!".  Thanks for all you do!"
Finally, I texted a prospect named Sylvia last week about our special worship service, and she didn't respond back.  But then on Sunday, she came to church. Said she was away and just got to my text early Sunday morning.
Go Open Bible!   Friendship Sunday is February 24th.  Be bold in the Lord, invite your friends to worship, you never know what will happen.  Look at the wonderful work the Lord is doing here! 
Our radio broadcaster, Ed Cromer, told me this week that the radio station likes our broadcast so much, they are putting it on in extra time slots, that they call filler spots. (ones where they have no broadcast scheduled)  So you may turn on 103.5 FM on at 3:00  A.M. and hear our 25 minute broadcast.  Free message and advertising of our church.  Go Open Bible!
 Quilts & Open Bible Coffee Mugs
This past week, quilts were give out to Ron Schultz, Ron Stuedemann, Margie O'Connell, PJ Johnson, Delores Place, and Feg Henkel.  These quilts are meant to show our love in Christ for the hurting in our congregation, and keep them warm when chilly.
Bill Sigurdson, donated 38 Open Bible coffee mugs to the church.  They have info about our church on them, and each one has a wonderful Christian design on it.  See below.    

A Swedish model will be with us on Sunday to display our Open Bible hats and T-Shirts. 
  Return Of the Associate Members

More winter people were in worship last Sunday.  Pictured below are Brian and Lois Hackbart.  Also in attendance for the first time this winter were: Chris and David Scharrer, Ron and Karen Dahm, Lyle and Marsha Guggenberg, Ed and Lorraine Birk, Bob and Paulette Iverson.  Welcome Back To Open Bible!  

Blended Worship on Saturdays at 4:00 P.M.
Our blended service this Saturday will have some great modern music, plus a message for any children in attendance.  The Children's message will be on the story of Jesus helping his disciples to catch fish and become fishers of people.  The adult message will be on the Topic: "Gifted To Serve, Not To Strut!".   Join us.  We have worked out some technical issues and now have a very nice blended service.  
Donor-Restricted Gift Policy
At the recommendation of the auditors, the church council has established the following policy for the handling of contributions made to Open Bible Lutheran Church.
Spending of funds is confined to Church Council approved programs and projects. Each contribution directed toward an approved program or project will be used as restricted with the understanding that when the need for such a program or project has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason as determined by the church council, the remaining restricted contributions will be used where most needed.
Following is the list of the current approved programs and projects. Any contributions made to other than these approved funds, will be placed in the general fund.
Building/Improvement Fund
Food Bank Fund
Memorial Fund
Mortgage Reduction Fund
Missions Fund
Women in God's Service Fund
Handbells Fund  

God's Blessings for you all!    
Pastor Schulz
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