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Wednesday in the Word


4:00 pm

Wednesday in the Word:
Led by Pastor Mark Schulz 4:00 pm
The Christian In Today’s World
        We live in a world that is quickly      changing. Attacks on our family structure, advances in technology, political unrest and open hostility to God’s people is now rampant in our country and around the world. Can we help but wonder what our grandchildren and great grandchildren will experience?
The purpose of this study is to take an insightful look at six areas of deep concern to God’s people today. The sessions are meant to give Christians an opportunity to understand the problem, discover what God has to say, and go forward with renewed hope in the Lord’s sovereignty. The study includes many opportunities for participants to discuss and share personal feelings and viewpoints. Perhaps now more than ever we need to rely on the words of David who assures us, “My times are in your hands.
January 6th---Living In Today’s Political Environment
January 13th- Living In Today’s Family Environment
January 20th- Living In Today’s Hostile Environment
January 27th- Living In Today’s Technological Environment
February 3rd-Living In Today’s Educational Environment
February 10th – Living In Any Environment