Care Givers & Bereavement Support Group

 Leader: Pastor Rodger Dale
Open Bible Church

Meeting Day(s): First Thursday of the month
Meeting Time: 2:00pm
A group has been established for members who are caregivers for loved ones and friends or, who have passed away..  Whether it is Alzheimer-Dementia, or chronic illness, all are invited to join us.  The meeting includes a brief devotional for encouragement and then attendees share their concerns, challenges, and lessons learned.  All benefit through interaction with each other.  Together we can persist through difficult times.  The greatest obstacle is isolation and believing “we can handle our own challenges,” alone.  “No one is an island,” as Donne wrote.  This saying describes what we endeavor to avoid.  This support is not limited to only church members, so if you know someone that needs help bring them to the meetings.  In addition, if you have dealt with these issues as a caregiver please know you are more than welcome to attend; your knowledge would be beneficial to those just now going through these challenges.

Next meeting will be March 5th, 2020 
If you have any questions about this group, please contact Pastor Rodger Dale.


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