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Below are some of the major events held at Open Bible during 2016

Seminary Chorus from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
March 31st at 1:00PM
The news is out: The Seminary Chorus from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary is going to present a concert at our church on March 31st at 1:00 PM.  The 50 men and their director will be arriving at about 11:00 AM on March 31st to set up equipment and share a luncheon meal prepared by our members. The chorus will leave by 3:00 PM for an evening concert in Jacksonville. 
What can we tell you about the Seminary Chorus?  Well, the choir has been making music since 1931 and has presented concerts in almost every state of the Union. Its objective has always been to proclaim God’s good news in music, and it does this in a variety of musical styles, old and new. We’ll hear voices; wait till you hear 50 future pastors singing their hearts out!  We’ll also hear instruments: everything from organ and brass to piano, guitars, and drum set. We’ll have a chance to stand and sing along on several numbers. The choir’s reputation is that its concerts are never dull!
The concert will last about an hour and fifteen minutes, and we’ll have a chance to visit with the young men afterwards. There’s no admission cost, although the choir will be thankful for a generous offering to offset expenses. Be sure to bring your whole family; children love to see the choir as well as hear it, so sit close to the front. Invite your friends and neighbors, too. We’re sure they will enjoy the experience, and you can introduce them to our church at the same time. 
The choir members are coming to our church not only to sing for us, but also to tell us about the school they attend, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. The seminary was founded just before the Battle of Gettysburg, way back in 1863, and ever since has been training men to be pastors in WELS congregations. The seminary is located in Mequon, a suburb of Milwaukee, Wis., but its graduates are serving congregations and missions all around the country and all over the world. Pastor Schulz is a graduate of the seminary, class of 1983.    You can learn more about the seminary at its website, www.wls.wels.net.

Below are some of the major events held at Open Bible during 2015


Below are some of the major events held at Open Bible during 2014





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